Who are Kapow Comics?
A small team of people passionate for customer experience and all things comics related.
Decided in 2015 that there wasn't any local establishment to pick up comics, so hatched a plan to put that right!

Where are you?
We are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, but also on the web... Here.. Where you are reading 🙂
Also FaceBook and YouTube

I am looking for the the ark of the covenant
Awesome! I hope you are carrying a whip and a pistol, but seriously, give us a shout if you need something specific.
We have a whole host of amazing items in the store, we cant list everything!
Give us a call! 01484 766363

Do you provide subscriptions as well as delivery?
Yes of course, head over to the subscriptions page to see the options

How do I contact you?
GHOST-BUSTERS - Give us a call 01484 766363, ping us on our FaceBook page.