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Lion El’Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels, has returned from the annals of history in humanity’s time of greatest need. Wielding the radiant sword Fealty and the Emperor’s Shield, he is a martial paragon – a hunter of beasts and slayer of traitors, stalking from the mist-wreathed passageways between the stars like a questing knight of Old Terra.

Every square inch of his jaw-dropping model marks him out as a true hero of legend. His armour is finely detailed with personal icons and the marks of his Legion, yet reserved and efficient as befits one whose duty lies in warfare first, and all other matters second. Fealty is an elegant weapon with subtle adornments, while the Emperor’s Shield glitters with regal ornamentation.

On the tabletop, the Lion is the consummate swordsman, balancing raw power and preternatural skill, scything through humanity’s foes like wheat. Those lucky few who live long enough to return a blow are met with a bone-crunching wave of force, as the fury of the Emperor Himself resounds from his shield.



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